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The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide HRPA chapters with a convenient method of selecting presenters for chapter events. If you are only interested in presenting to the HRPA chapter in your local community (in other words, you are not available to present to other HRPA chapters), please do not fill in the speaker application form.

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Presuming my travel expenses are covered I can present to chapters in these regions:  GTA
Southwestern Ontario
Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa
Central Ontario to Sudbury
Northern Ontario

The great majority of Chapter speaking opportunities will be for presentations at breakfast, lunch or dinner events. However there will also be opportunities extended length presentations up to and including half-day or even full-day seminars. Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer your time (this will get you more opportunities) or, if not, what your fee is for not-for-profits.

I will volunteer my time:  < 2 hours (e.g. dinner speech)
Half-day (e.g. seminar)
Full-day (e.g. workshop)
No, I won't volunteer my time. My Fee for up to 2 hours is:
No, I won't volunteer my time. My fee for up to a half-day is:
No, I won't volunteer my time. My fee for a full-day is:
Prices negotiable:  Yes

To assist us in positioning your expertise for the Chapter, please indicate no more than 10 core and/or enabling competencies for which you might tailor your presentation.

Core Competencies:  Health, Wellness & Safe Workplace
HR Metrics
Labour & Employee Relations / Law
Learning & Development
Organizational Effectiveness
Professional Practice
Total Rewards
Workforce Planning & Talent Management
Enabling Competencies:  Business Acumen
Critical Legal Thinking
Critical Thinking Analysis
Decision-Making Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Ethical Behaviours and Professionalism
Negotiation and Influencing
Project Management
Quantitative Skills
Relationship Management
Research Skills
Strategic and Organizational Leadership
Technological Savvy
Have you presented at HRPA before?:  Yes
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Thank you for your application. We look forward to working with you.


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